, According to the CBRC website, China Banking Regulatory Commission today formally promulgated the measures for the administration of pilot consumer finance companies compared to the May's draft, a consumer financial company investors to relax the conditions, from no less than 80 billion yuan in total assets, to relax at the end of last year no less than 60 billion yuan in total assets of RMB or its equivalent in a convertible currency.
  August 13, silver prison will for effective implement implementation Central, and State "insurance growth, and adjustable structure, and promoting reform, and improve people's livelihood" of macroeconomic policy, increased financial on spread domestic demand promoting consumption of support efforts, promote economic smooth more fast growth and sustainable development, released consumption financial company pilot management approach (following referred to pilot approach), started consumption financial company pilot approval work.
  the relevant person in charge of the CBRC, a consumer financial company is approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, People's Republic of China territory, does not take deposits from the public and to the principle of small, decentralized, for Chinese residents to provide consumer loans for the purpose of the non-bank financial institutions.
the charge, formally announced the measures for the administration of pilot consumer finance company, than the draft has been greatly broadened in scope, increases and sales agents and loan-related insurance products, fixed-income investment business circles, while consumer finance companies establish an information disclosure system.