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Seven SMEs loans, mortgage loans

Seven SMEs loans, mortgage loans

Pawn is collateralized by real, in the form of in-kind transfers ownership make temporary loans loans. Compared with bank loans, high cost of pawn loans, loans to small, but Hock also have advantages that cannot be compared to bank lending. First of all, with banks the borrowers ' credit conditions almost harsh requirements than pawn shops credit requirements of customers is almost zero, pawnbrokers focused only on pawned items are genuine. And general commercial real estate mortgage only, while the pawn can both movable and immovable property pledge. Indeed, in addition to outside the pawn, microfinance institutions, security companies, small loan companies and other institutions are now carrying out vehicle mortgage business. For example, should be launched in 2011, the company's "easy car loan" products but also the first without guard vehicle mortgage service.


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