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Personal housing decoration loan

Personal housing decoration loan

eligibility criteria: 18 years of age have full capacity for civil conduct;

has a permanent residence and permanent residence in this city, in possession of a valid proof of identity;

have proper occupation and steady income, to stipulate to decoration to pay the down payment, good credit, can guarantee to repay the loan principal and interest; banks that hold bank cards;

recognized property can provide loans for Bank mortgage, pledge or a third-party guarantee.

credit: personal housing decoration loan amount does not exceed the family room renovation construction contract price 70%, line of credit no more than 150,000 yuan (included).

loan guarantees for borrowers to get loans from banks to provide mortgage, pledge or guarantee in the form of guarantees by third parties.

loan terms and interest rates: loan term not longer than five years. Lending rates in accordance with the people's Bank of China announced the interest rate for loans of the same grade. Loan term up to one year (including one year), the interest rate under the contract segments card lending period one-year lending rate one year certain, namely January 1 of each year by the people's Bank's latest interest rate adjustments.

information provided by the applicant should be: the borrower ID cards, booklet or valid proof of residency status and marital status;

other borrowers and their families members, sponsorship income and property;

provided by d├ęcor issued by the company and the family room renovation construction budget approved by the parties and the original renovation contract;


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