Wuxi loan car rose into mainstream
&Nbsp;     more and more people own cars in Wuxi. According to the relevant figures, Wuxi 456,000 units set up of motor vehicles. Among them, the cars settled in the amount of 358,000 units, accounting for 78.5% of the total motor vehicles. These drivers can be said to have few is to select Auto purchase financing. Loans from banks and automobile 4S shop car number can be seen, Wuxi car loans on the rise in the proportion of the public, compared with the same period last year increased by more than 30%. Wuxi
more than the Bank's staff, car loan business has just launched at that time, loan car the public rarely, but now the ratio has increased significantly. Car consumers, 30% will select Auto purchase financing. It is understood that public loans to car buyers the option to auto 4S shop or Bank. If you choose to use a credit card installment purchases, just to provide related documents, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the cases, two business days to complete the approval, and drove home. If you choose Auto 4S shop, meet the conditions could be put on the same day the car.
"the launch of the auto loan business, meet the demand of consumers, meanwhile, have boosted car sales growth. "Bank officials said changes can be seen from the data, via credit card on hire cars of members of the public have increased markedly.
some people choose loans to car buyers, industry analysts pointed out that auto loans fast approval and loan purchase concessions is the main reason, such as a down payment on a car 30%, and enjoy a year three-year zero-interest rates, low interest rates and other concessions. In this group, the proportion of young people and a larger, showing young people's purchasing power is large, with good market prospects.


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