Wuxi is likely to relax its recent comprehensive house purchase
&Nbsp;  70 cities of the National Bureau of statistics recently released data showed that prices dropped on city achieved 90%, include North Canton four in first-tier cities, house prices down continues.
it is reported, Wuxi is likely to relax its recent comprehensive restrictions, multiple developers, expert meetings were held in the near future, topics are links to full liberalization. Previously, Wuxi just relaxed the restriction to 140 square meters of housing. Relaxing after the purchase of the property market around the
does not pick up
Bureau of statistics, new housing (excluding housing) prices, in July, in 70 cities, prices fell, the city has 64, flat 4, Rose City, 2. Price change per cent maximum or 0.2%, a minimum of 2.5%.
secondary residential price July in 70 cities, price decline, the city has 65 per cent, flat city 4, Rose City, 1. Price change per cent maximum or 0.1%, a minimum of 1.5%.
from the year price data, July 70 cities in new housing and second-hand house prices rising number of cities were 65 and 51, respectively, less than in June 4 and 11. Seen from the gains, of newly-built commercial housing price rose 65 cities rose slid 51 cities in second-hand home prices rose, 50 cities rose down, 1 flat.
"this is a solid, comprehensive problem, not just solve the problem of restriction can pick up. "As with many developers, a developer told reporters in Fujian, they recently in a tightened State, took the floor this year will be more cautious.
making the land market in the near future seems to be rather quiet. Wuhan property to untie a month ago, for example, just the August second land auction, bid only occurs on three plots, remaining six plots were upset a deal. Land market in Wuhan is still consistently cold before continuing, no significant warming.
this restriction loosened the Wuhan economic development zone, one month before the new untied of commercial housing sold 1009, loosen one month after the newly-built commercial housing sold 1024, only increased by 15 per cent, it can be said trading volume "marking time".
East Lake high-tech zone a new commodity housing turnover did not increase considerably, loosen one month before the settlement 1127, one month after he managed to clinch 1254, increased by 127 per cent, or 11%.
groups recently sold property data also show that cities in addition to the restriction of release short after a little rise, enlarged turnover interval, one month after the transaction data will tend to be slow. "Main memory is not an incremental issues. "Local developers, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, told reporters.
on July 29, announced the release of Wenzhou "restriction" policies to meet improving demand. For now, this modest stimulus deal. "Just over a week to within half a month, the original stock was almost finished digesting. "The developer said.
What's more, many government restrictions loosened only slightly relaxed, more relaxed line is in "140 square metres" above, not full liberalization.
"this phenomenon is very obvious, can drive sales is basically stock, not incremental. "Wuxi, a developer told reporters, after he managed to sold most of the stock within a week, namely, but already has a clear intention to be" restriction "of buyers.
stock and limited, still did not restore confidence in the market's problems.
rescue limited to relax its loan mix you want?
is of concern, recent rumours Shanghai relaxed limits of loans by banks one by one to deny. Journalists with several developers in Shanghai, second-hand housing intermediaries after verification found that "limited loan" liberalization policy has not yet implemented, is only "legend" message when landing, is not known.
the industry believes that Shanghai limited credit adjustment, if true, will have a significant impact on first-tier cities, does not rule out other cities to fine-tune policies to rescue the property market.
in fact, on two or three-tier cities within the credit limit would have a "minor" restrictions. Previously, China Merchants Bank Wuxi branch of second homes found eased, if buyers first mortgage to pay off and the main city name without House, 30% down payment, interest rate floating 10%. But you must meet the following conditions: only one mortgage records, and has paid off, is not above more than once; in the context of Wuxi (including Xiaoshan, Yuhang,) no room; mortgage before that House must have been transferred, and proof of transfer.
"transactions in the property market did not rally" topic, Yu Ying-shih, Chairman of Guangdong Branch poly real estate also expressed their views on Twitter, he believes, are the "purchase policy" is more than a set of gradually introduced in droves "combined", the current released purchase eligibility restrictions and is not released only limited loans and other property impossible to fully reverse.
to this, Zhejiang a person with banking regulatory Bureau shows that "mortgages are a good intermediate products, loans to prominent local developer support is timely, total credit is clear. "
the above banking regulatory Bureau of Zhejiang province said that while the banks are relatively independent, they will request the total amount of bank loans support, since May, is quickening pace of approval, and greatly increased, and along with falling demand, quotas will be relatively easy.
but, sources said, the Bank's overall amount relatively abundant, an investigation report from the banking regulatory Bureau of Zhejiang province said: the overall amount sufficient for several reasons, one is the original lines are still relatively abundant, another was sold after falling vacant lot lines. "But interest rate adjustments are relatively cautious, many banks have discounts, overall mortgage rate is not high, so lowered the discount was more cautious. "These people say.
to relax its restriction of Zhejiang Province as an example, now the local government is organizing a stress test. "The six joint research, in preparation for the real estate stress test again. "One of the sources said.
have a little bird told reporters, Zhejiang Provincial Government may introduce the follow-up "remedial" policy, "for example, in the relaxing area to further open, Bank support greater policy support. "
reporter learned that, some of the more aggressive bailout policy discussions are conducted in Zhejiang province.
and restriction of opening around the same time, is not limited to credit restrictions. However, Shanghai untied loan limit message, many have been concerned about most of the people in the industry are optimistic, "according to background, introduction of probability is not small. "


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