Recommendations on rural credit support to lower lending rates
  Building a new Socialist countryside must persist with a focus on developing the rural economy, increasing farmers ' income as the core. Development of the rural economy, accelerate the construction of new countryside, farmers, are inseparable from the rural financial support. Rural credit services there are three drawbacks:
     are not adapted to financial services and loan requirements for farmers. Banks, credit unions, loan in the proportion of rural households borrow money in smaller, rural economic development funding gap. According to CBRC statistics, more than 200 million farmers in the country, 60% the farmers ' loan are met, about 80 million rural households lack of lending assistance. Mainly because of the agricultural development Bank for several years 99% supports cereals, cotton loans help small farmers less for lack of funds. ABC national rural businesses of State-owned commercial banks, whose responsibility is to support economic development in rural areas, but in fact ABC rural business is gradually narrowing, as "San Nong" service weakening. Rural credit cooperatives to become the main funding sources for the development of rural economy, higher borrowing costs, it is difficult to meet the needs of rural economic development loan.
     and the other is the pursuit of finance itself contrary to economic efficiency and reducing interest on agricultural loans. On one hand, while formal financial institutions implement the uniform national standards of lending rates, but most farmers are struggling to get loans. Inhibition of market-oriented interest rates, deprived rights of ordinary farmers access to finance through the market. Although the countries stressed that agricultural Bank of China Agricultural Development Bank and postal savings to farmers, but no radiation to township and village institutions, could not carry out the following operations, or is empty. Meanwhile, commercial banks seek to maximize profits, avoid risks, are generally not willing to lend to small and medium farmers, the prevalence of "hoarding". Available credit interest on loans of more than one. It should be noted that, from the perspective of the world, there is no high interest loans to farmers in a country? What's more, the Party Central Committee and the State Council in order to lighten the burdens of farmers and increase farmers ' income, canceling agricultural tax had been used for thousands of years, why farmers credit interest rates also remain high at all? Its roots in commercial operation of banks and national agricultural policies failed to combine system and mechanism have yet to reunite.
    third, loan and mortgage capacity constraints. Farmers to obtain bank loans, need to have guarantees, collateral procedure. Farmer's main assets are land, buildings, farm machinery, in accordance with the existing provisions of finance guarantees law, farmers ' houses, farm equipment and management of the land cannot be used as collateral. Due to strict Bank loan conditions, and farmers lack of collateral, many farmers develop production loans difficult to solve. Data confirm that, to meet the credit needs of farmers is only 20%.


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