NPL ratio last year hit a five-year high of 1.29% bank assets under pressure
&Nbsp;    on January 23, issued by the CBRC data show that by the end of December 2014, banking bad loans from financial institutions 1.64%, 1.29% Bank non-performing loan ratio, highest level since 2010.
  vigorously after the disposal of bad loans, NPLs of

the Bank of communications related companies shares single quarter growth rate was still high, bank rate is believed to underestimate the possibility of. Clean up local debt, real estate market shocks and adjustment of excess capacity situation, would make the 2015 Bank nonperforming loans at a high level.
bad loans or undervalued
comparison of data at the end of September 2014, when Bank non-performing loan ratio was 1.16%, nonperforming loans totaled 766.9 billion yuan. In 2014 alone, the fourth quarter, NPLs growing at 13 basis points, since commercial banks shed bad assets one of the fastest growing quarter. 1.29% 's banking bad loan ratio, CBRC Vice Chairman Wang Zhaoxing were of the view that the whole financial system risks and the bad loan ratio in the banking industry are still in controllable range.
a bank operators who were of the view that such a quarterly growth rate of bad debts by 2015 are likely to spread, not just because the economy is in a superposition of States with three, and because the Bank has to slow down credit risk free before, this is the credit binge as a result one of the 2008 fourth quarter.
reporter noted, the 1.29% rate was obtained on the basis of the commercial banks to increase the disposal of bad assets.
from 2014 annual commercial banks, many banks have stepped up efforts to write off non-performing assets, only half the size of the write-off of some commercial banks have exceeded the year 2013. Statistics showed that first half of 2014, listed banks to write off bad assets of about 71.3 billion yuan.
"the handling of bad assets in commercial banks, upward pressure on banks ' bad loan ratio has been eased. "The Bank analyst said.
massive write-off of bad assets in commercial banks, received policy support from regulators. The end of 2013, the Treasury released a new version of the financial management of bad debts written off, relaxing the loan cancellation conditions. Shang Fulin, Chairman of the CBRC said in 2014 in annual regulatory Conference in fully estimate the potential risks of various types of loans, full accrual provisions to increase the intensity of bad debts written off, so should nuclear nuclear. Yan on July 22, 2014, Vice-Chairman of the CBRC published a signed article points out that banking institutions should further accelerate the write-off of bad loans. To take full advantage of bank earnings, good conditions, further increasing the scale and progress of the profits to write off bad loans, Quicken the pace of bulk, packaging, transfer of nonperforming loans.
"2014 vigorously handling bad assets of commercial banks, but the bad loan ratio of commercial banks may still be undervalued. Data released by the China Banking Regulatory Commission showed that special mention loans increased. "The Bank said.
"underestimating its bad loan ratio of commercial banks, the main pressure for performance assessment and monitoring indicators. "Oriental asset management company released toxic assets market research report said.
in the context of rapid growth of Bank non-performing loans, 2015 which industry's toxic assets have the potential to rapidly increase has also become a focus of the market.
, according to previous information, credit, credit local financing platforms was relatively large. According to ping an securities research report estimates that local government debt totals associated with commercial banks should be close to 14 trillion, including the normal bank lending, banking and finance. With the opinions on strengthening the management of local government debt (hereinafter referred to as, 43rd), after this part of the stock assets of commercial banks risk pricing will also be reassessed. Yao Yudong
Bank financial Institute, published the article, as the financing platform companies have borrowed on behalf of the Government to borrow money in the future, cannot borrow on behalf of the Government-backed financing, debt burden, poor financial situation and financing platform might have an unsustainable debt and debt default, the bad assets of financial institutions will face upward pressure. 2015 is the peak of the debt, financing debt risk concentrations might even induce regional financial risks.
ping an securities research report speculated that 14 trillion of government debt because the Bank assumed the implicit risk premium lead the implied loss of over 1.8 trillion.
in addition to local-government financing platforms of bad risks, big gold real estate market can "contribution" of bad assets could not be underestimated. "Although the CBRC requirements very early commercial bank loans to the real estate Enterprise implement the strict credit policy, but in addition to credit, face the temptation of profits, bank credits through a variety of channels, such as trust, financing and the way continued to send funds to the real estate market. "The Bank said.
both before and after 2015, Shenzhen property developer Kaisa also fears that the economic situation of the real estate market will bubble up, and three or four lines of urban real estate market trends also affect the stability of a number of real estate asset quality.
in addition to the financing platforms as well as real estate, Lian ping, Chief Economist of Bank of communications believes that relatively higher risk characteristics unique to small business appears gradually, bad loan rates are significantly higher than the average for other loans. Effect of slowing economic growth to small and micro businesses will continue in a long time, small and micro enterprise in the future there is still the possibility of a further rise in bad loan rate.
according to the 2014 bad assets, from the perspective of regional bad loans starting from the Yangtze River Delta region in the Pearl River Delta and other coastal areas and the Central and Western regions from spreading. From the perspective of industry, bad loans by steel, photovoltaic and marine industries such as upstream and downstream industries and the associated spread of industrial chain.
Wang Zhaoxing said in the press conference of the State Council, the CBRC also continued to strengthen the banking system's ability to withstand risks. In the past few years, greatly improving the capital adequacy requirements for banks, banking capital adequacy levels according to international standards has been closer to 13%. Meanwhile, we have asked the Bank for the current risk level and development trend of, make a great deal of risk provisions, current levels of provision, is now nearly 3 times times the level of bad loans.


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