Net credit risk control platform how can rest assured that the success or failure
After ebb, many standard loan platform for P2P network has been recognized by the market. On December 23 last year, online P2P platform for only 10 months jinxin network Announces profit, and the platform for profitable revenue growth benefited from loans and services. "Run back, in fact, is the integration of industry, P2P platform are bid farewell to informal grassroots stage, towards the formal. "Convergence network technologies Ltd Hangzhou Xin Hu Dehua said. Studies
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was running, was also to the fore
  Since a few years ago a company called gold rush credit platforms on the line for a week that is "lost", the P2P network credit history often appear to be associated with running. Comprehensive statistics, P2P loans 2011 on the Internet platform number 10, 2012-16, 2013, 76, soar to more than more than 200 last year.
problem continues, in 2014, under the influence of factors such as money poured into the stock market, P2P network platform back to the end of loan difficult, slow business growth, investors often cash difficulties. Until recently this month, according to latest published NET loan data show that as of December 18, 2014, the number reached 47 month P2P issues platform.
However, many in the industry aware of running behind the appearance, P2P net lending industry accelerated, fast-growing enterprises. Micro-lending network Chairman and CEO Hong Yao said: "in recent years, every year many P2P lending platform to run on the Internet, this is the result of market, survival of the fittest, and also has a number of P2P network credit enterprise fast growth this year, for example, micro-lending network can exceed 5 billion yuan in turnover this year, is 5 times last year. "
on the move from the grass roots of tall, Hu Dehua said of the development of the industry as a whole. "In the past mostly tinkering around the P2P industry, this year drawing background of listed companies and even State-owned banks and insurance funds to join. "As far as he understood, there have been 15 P2P platform initiated by listed companies, 14 State-backed P2P platform.
there are several platforms on the business model innovation, has developed car loan, credit, supply chain finance, crafting, and in line with financial market products on the Internet. Return on investment income also rationalized, from the initial 20%, gradually declining to the current average of about 10% of the normal earnings levels.
data shows that P2P industry development can be described as the March of last year. Data show that national lending platform for P2P network has more than 2000 enterprises, P2P transactions in the past year rose from 2013 to 100 billion yuan to nearly 250 billion yuan. Zhejiang is a P2P lending company's fastest one of the provinces. Zhejiang Internet Association of financial (chip) data shows that current P2P network loan company in the province also has more than 100. Risk control platform

      obviously, P2P net lending platform is not all bad, there are many models. Zhejiang Internet Association of financial officials said that Zhejiang many P2P lending platform has developed into a car loan, credit loans and freight industry segment leader, and received tens of millions of dollars above strategic investments.
Yingying finance is one. The line until July 2013, mainly for the user, including investment products, funds, P2P. Ying ying financial development characteristics of P2P network credit products "winning loan", "number of security + partners" model to build a risk control framework. With its silver goods through, for example, production enterprises to financing, to provide excess collateral goods, transport to storage management impawning supervision, while third parties are responsible for fallback. Appears overdue, the mortgaged goods from third party auction and guarantee investor security. "Winning loan" after a three-month run, financing projects in nearly 100, scale of financing totaling hundreds of millions of Yuan, provides financing services for hundreds of companies.
"Internet gene, management norms, business features, wind control effective are form P2P network credits the sound operation of the main elements of the platform. "Floats in the finance, co-founder and Vice President of Xiong Wei said that" floats in the loan business of finance P2P network, really is using the Internet means, cooperation with customs, courts and other data to obtain borrower information, and funds managed by third parties, as well as set up his own venture fund for repaying overdue loans. "
mortgage is the net credit risk guarantee important. As the province's first lending platform for P2P network founder Hong Yao deep experience. In micro-lending network was first established, they also want foreign mature credit lending. Results in the business for more than six months, high rate of overdue credit, bad debts, causing great losses to platform. Later, through micro-lending network created within the team members in the province and the country analyses the private lending market, it was decided, to make a transition of chattel mortgage lending, which is arriving in lending patterns.
for P2P platform, Xin Hui more heavy use of Internet technologies, establish business credit networks. Hu Dehua believes that key to risk lending platform for P2P network is trading behind the establishment of the credit system, to solve the problem of information asymmetry and low cost. Xin Hui business model United States institutional investors favor level will be completed before the Spring Festival in round millions of dollars in financing.
cleaning up the environment in order to restore confidence in lending platform
P2P network high yield and low threshold of financial products, so many investors in droves. But net lending companies frequently run problems, investors fear. Faced with this large number of emerging financial markets, how can investors avoid stepping on mines, and ensure the safety of principal, and reap the benefits?
Select a trustworthy, high security platform is the basis for ensuring investment security. Investors can strengthen mutual exchanges, or find a loan platform operating conditions of the industry's understanding of P2P network. Transparency of information, history, there were defaults and real pool of funds managed by third parties, and risk control ability, and so on, are all investor needs to carefully study the content of the judgment.
"investment in pursuit of high returns is right, but I can't follow. "Xiong Wei suggested that the product any platform, provided the return is higher than 15%, you should be wary of, wide knowledge of the investment products, platform default guarantee, historic debts, and so on. "Because of high income, high burden to fund borrowing means higher risk. "
the risk of not putting all your eggs in one basket control concept is especially useful for P2P net credit investment platform. Hong Yao said, lending platform for P2P network investment threshold is very low, investors are better off spreading the funds invest in different products, a subject if you want to make a big investment, preferably to the P2P network platform company loan on-site consulting. "Know what is behind the financial products can be achieved with bottom. "
experts suggested that the current investment environment clean can make investor confidence. Investors on the education you want to synchronize with. For investors, from such a huge platform in the good platform is clearly not easy to find suitable investors between exchanges are also important. However, for some in the investment platform were introduced, is worth investing, don't rush to judgment, do not blindly vote right away. Good idea to settle down to, everything from platforms in person start looking, sure no problem, planned attempt can be brought into operation, in practice a step further to understand, even if really is a platform for 100% no problem, wouldn't suggest a brain put all their savings, or at least to set aside a certain proportion to cope with the market situation changes. Only the rational investment, operation of the platform and create a favorable environment for investment.


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