Mortgage auto loans focus on vehicle model is so capricious
P2P as a new type of Internet finance high yields and low threshold of financing projects, has been no successful case in the country can refer to, industry is in the exploration prospects. Although investor enthusiasm of the P2P, is a chaotic stage but still could not avoid the fact. Although data show that thousands of active platform, but each platform at the beginning of the creation of the positioning of the platform model is much the same. Small numbered cast mates from a security perspective this P2P platform business model. Representative of unsecured unsecured mode
/> Platform: Pat
loan security: ★ ★ ★ ☆
clap is a loan is typically a pure P2P platform for online business model, following foreign net credit models, specializes in unsecured unsecured loans, operating since 2006 has been more than 10 years. This mode is the most direct, the platform is not involved in the lending transactions, for both lenders and borrowers to provide trading platform, you can allow borrowers and lenders are relatively free.
unsecured unsecured mode but it also brings risks not to be ignored, patted the loan in the event of late, and so on, losses borne by the lender and can only rely on its own alarm, patted the loan itself is not liable for any compensation for interest and principal. Pat credits required by the month the return of principal and interest has a certain degree of protection, but this risk to investors is still self-evident.
represents the platform: enabling network security
: ★ ★ ★ ★
enabling network is a combination of online and offline modes, all derived from the micro-credit financing projects the company's recommendation and screening, then from the platform release information to lenders raise money. This mode of money lenders can get small loans companies and platform double funding and helping the network has introduced venture capital in the event of late, promise to investors to guarantee principal and interest in full.
in the investment process, the recommended item directly from the micro-credit company, platform rely too much on small loan companies, financing projects to their recommended collection according to the order, once a small loan company when the project does not depend, overdue rate can easily lead to platforms and platform yields fell.
mortgage real mode
representative platform: name car loan
Security: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
name car loan used of is more security of vehicles mortgage loan mode, and in wind control Shang has himself unique of a process: from borrowing people detailed of personal information audit began, to professional of assessment personnel on vehicles for valuation, then survey borrowing people of personal levy letter report, then accurate released award letter lines, then to local DMV for mortgage registration procedures.
mortgage models can effectively dissolve the model of credit risk, and the vehicle mortgage amount is small, short, low risk characteristics, if there is a late phenomenon vehicles easy auction thus compensation for investor losses. And car loans high degree of transparency, open platform vehicles real-time monitoring system, investors can know the location of each mortgaged car.
in front of different models, P2P industry's only believe in horoscopes motto is "safety first, returns second", so your friends may wish to spend more time at investment research platform models, money not willful, select the right platform to wayward  


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