Idle funds are not "obscure" financial management of idle money road
"Cash flow is life", this is Wall Street's iron rule, is the lifeblood of the enterprise in the market. Throughout most of the enterprises, of idle capital is very common, especially some new listed companies raise funds, most are not used on corporate investment, but savings in the Bank. Although some interest income, but can be ignored, because there is a time value of money. Therefore, idle funds financial management is particularly important.
idle funds and the wealth management approach
If a dual currency deposit to do import and export business enterprise within three months after receipt of payment, but the time has not yet come, but money is ready. If you invest the money, companies worried about investment of short duration to recover delayed payments; if you use the money in the Bank, can only get three months of current interest income compared with very little capital. As such, we can take advantage of dual currency deposits made more profit. Dual currency deposit is a deposit with currency options structure, yield is higher. Often linked to buying currency exchange rates, and set a buying rate acceptable to the enterprise, due to market exchange rate if it is higher than the exchange rate, companies can get the full principal and interest, if it is lower than the exchange rate, businesses can still earn higher interest, but the principal according to the established exchange rate converted to use foreign currency.
2. notice deposit
when the existence of idle funds, should adhere to the rest and idea funds without rest. When it encounters a holiday or weekend, business is best for a business call deposit business. Corporate call deposit is unit customer does not prescribe a period for deposit in the deposit, free choice of deposit (seven day notice deposits call deposits or a day), time of withdrawal one day or seven days advance notice to banks, agreed to amounts due and paid a large deposit. This level of deposit interest rates than demand deposits, in the case of not preventing customers from using funds to obtain stable and higher interest income, typically earning is your current checking account earning 3 times or more. Moreover, the city has opened to the public the USW business unit customers through bank branches more than online outlets in the same city, handle deposit business, greatly facilitate capital allocation and turnover. However, the Renminbi deposit amount is 500,000 yuan, need a full deposit. Can be drawn in whole or in part, each withdrawal amount shall not be less than 100,000 yuan, remaining parts shall not be less than the minimum amount. This way, you can make money moment in the value-added process in and won't keep the capital operation of enterprises, deposited before the holidays, holidays to be taken out, put into normal operation.
3. delegate agent financial
so-called delegate financial is trustee people accept delegate people delegate, using himself of wisdom, and experience, and knowledge, and information, various professional advantage, through various market, and tool and the method on client assets for effective management and operation, in strictly comply with customer delegate wishes premise Xia, in as ensure customer delegate assets security of based Shang, achieved assets hedge proliferation of a items business. Idle money in the enterprise for a long time, you can select a professional financial institution to finance such capital budgeting of enterprises can be concentrated to play out, but operators are professionals using professional methods of operation, the enterprise can easily without having to spend too much energy in return. Broad varieties also entrust investment, risk diversification, investment products are very flexible, such as bank accept corporate clients, carried out through the national inter-bank money market funds operation, mainly short-term pledge investment objects for reverse repurchase (buy back the sale of securities). Counterparties for financial institutions, and Treasury bonds, financial bonds and Central Bank bills as collateral, principal and income security.
4. stock good mobility financial sites such as
the idle funds of the enterprise can also be financial investment into the stock market and other financial sites. This sort of budgeting will get a higher return, and liquidity is very good, will not delay the funding of enterprises, can change at any time. But the stock market can be risky, coupled with enterprise's equity investment inexperience, can easily lead to large losses, once the loss is difficult to firmly cut the meat out, it will affect normal production and operation of enterprises. This requires enterprises to choose good run in the market access, such as 07 bull market, with profits to decisively exit, not fighting, must not delay the normal requirements of the enterprise.


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