Customers to self in Internet loans
With the development banks to improve the efficiency of and meticulous management level of strengthening, in a more convenient and safe, efficient service experience became the main means of competition in the banking market of the future, which is the banking sector from a product-centric service model to the user experience and customer service as the core of financial services ecosystem models. As the first domestic retail banking and secondary transformation in goals, and start construction in the capital, strict management, customer service, "light banks" as the goal of China Merchants Bank, a few days ago in the product layout for a bolder attempt.
after half a year of business, China Merchants Bank officially launched the "Flash credits", customers can bank online banking or mobile banking APP for the loan, loan applications, approvals, Contracting and lending processes, System Automation, without human intervention, real time 7x24 hours a day. From the whole of the electronic banking services from business, to marketing network, to Internet transactions in the process of deepening, China Merchants Bank, "lightning loan" once again led the industry financial new wave of the Internet.
"lightning loan" large data technology + the Internet thinking for the China Merchants Bank,
, lived through the great retail business after the great depth of product and customer accumulation in itself in the retail banking market breadth and depth have the advantage because of retail banking business is a process of offering market and customer stickiness. As the impact of Internet technology and operational thinking, as well as Internet effect on retail business model of financial models, banks began to take a more active and embrace of business Internet.
traditional mode, customers from applying for loans, submit information to the loan approval and the issuance of at least 3 working days over time. Applications for "Flash credits" without submitting any loan application materials, pick up the phone, 3-step operation can be realized in real time online and 60 second approval loans. The lightning
Bank credit, in fact, is the Bank's retail lending on the Internet thinking and big data-credit technology kind of show. Past of retail loan, often because line Xia survey cost, default cost and user of credit information not full and became most Bank not willing to to touch touch of weakness, and Bank Bank has has retail business of huge customer group and data, and products of match capacity, in has some rich customer group based Shang, through lightning loan of electronic of, and automation, and data of to achieved has customer loan of lightning like user experience. Data adopted at its core is the Merchants Bank credit technology to quickly enhance the user's credit analysis and approval process, and to move the customer experience with credit models reflected, to better meet the needs of users quickly, easily, anywhere, anytime for the loan.
cover a full range O2O promoting online and offline integration
in addition, the retail business is another feature of differentiation and personalization, as well as the satisfaction of product and service needs of different customer groups. In retail banking in transition period, China Merchants Bank established differentiation, integration of retail product service system in order to better serve the diverse financial needs. China Merchants Bank "Flash credits" through the integration of data and applications, for precise positioning and active marketing of loans to retail customers, for retail customers with full buffet for retail loans, credit loans of up to 500,000 yuan.
and for over 500,000 yuan loan needs of retail loan customer, or is temporarily also not meet "lightning loan" approval needs of user, Bank will according to customer in phone bank Shang submitted of loan needs, automatically distribution to national 1300 home customer belongs area of Bank dot, dot retail credit Customer Manager in gets customer information Hou will quickly door accepted customer loan application, to achieved lightning loan line Shang, and line Xia phase combined of loan service mode.
this mode of O2O is a new angle on the layout of China Merchants Bank in the retail business. China has established a complete set of retail products, channels and service systems for banks, maintaining customer service, keep user stickiness, based on O2O approach to product supply and demand of collecting, making full use of the existing bank physical network layout and development trend of electronic banking between. Future of banking services, will be shown by better O2O, to drive offline business promotion online service import, to offline business electronically with customers using custom migration-driven online service upgrade.
certainty target service for this, light Bank
Bank currently is to better of technology platform and user experience front-end to meet network times user of financial service needs, from Qian launched of mobile cloud PAD, "a Flash pass" paid, full function online managed Bank, and line Shang wisdom supply chain, and company a cartoon, business view, Bank is to full of Internet thinking and technology of of convenient business management process to for next times of banking operation mode thinking.
and China Merchants Bank at different stages of development of internal agreement of the nature. Golden age determined from banking and retail banking, and then transformed into a retail business for the second, optimize client institutions, improve service connotations, up till the present is vigorously promoting the transformation of light Bank, China Merchants Bank is standing on the banking front, promoting banking closer to users ' needs, meet customer service initiatives.
"lightning loan", also as the its name, to lightning General of speed for user provides shortcut, and security, and efficient of credit service, let customer anytime, anywhere are can gets financial service, this is future banking change of a new thought: let financial service in broken of of time seamless access, who can get these entrance, who of service on more can get customer of identity. At least, China Merchants China Merchants Bank once again at the forefront of most banks.  

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