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&Nbsp;     usually people are active and the Bank to apply for a loan, if timing is not good, the Bank will not allow customers to wait on the line. Recently, people have received wages on behalf of banks to unsolicited text messages, call directly through online banking or mobile banking from bank loans. Why do banks loan? The network cost? Know the reporter.
      Bank loans aimed at wage on behalf of clients
    "dear ***, I launched a new personal loan, self-service applications, self-approved lenders. Depending on your situation in my line of business, and you have been given up to 53000 loan eligibility to apply for, please click our website...... "this is a working MS SMS from receiving salary on behalf of the Bank. "Not to say that bank loans are you nervous? How is it giving us loans? "
      according to the information provided by Ms, the reporter called the xingke suit calls for understanding. Staff said this is the launch of the online loan services customers only through online banking or mobile banking can handle. According to cardholder's use of the flowing water, such as bank account and transactions, credit history, assets and liabilities, the system automatically matches the highest loan amount. As to the method of repayment, similar to mortgage payments, repayment each month, interest costs for three out of 10,000 points per day for up to four out of 10,000, equivalent annual cost of 12% to 16%.
     Star City, a joint-stock Bank staff said they now primarily focused on pushing customers to line pay on behalf of customers. This part of the customer in the Bank Bank of long-term precipitation water, personal data such as credit, trade relations, relatively speaking, the risks can be controlled.
    held out the olive branch, or to pre-empt
in fact, banks to give loans to customers is not new. As early as a few years ago, some of the Bank's credit card Center had offered similar services. At the time, such loans are referred to as cash advance business. Credit card credit limit for the customer a percentage goes to the cardholder savings card, banks charge fees ranging from different terms. Star City banking one industry source said the Bank with personal consumer loans, is the part of the customers usually have a fixed source of income; the second is partly rolled out e-commerce consumer credit services.
    2014 year, Jingdong, Ali and other e-commerce platform launched consumer credit services. Jingdong rolled East Campus emblazoned with white service, Ali's "flowers" are based on users of consumer records, granting different levels of consumption, and set the different maturities of interest-free period, almost the same functions of a credit card.
  at that time, issuing virtual credit card, service provider's message had caused a stir, insiders said it would even "leather Bank." Obviously, banks with consumer credit business wanted to "pre-emptive". Traditional banks with NET
     in fact, traditional Qi Qi on loan with the network, because the network banks of aggravating. The past two years, with the promotion of Internet banking, mobile banking, traditional banks began to try   on line loans. CCB "Quicken Loans", CITIC's "loan POS merchant networks", the perfect "credit link", the Merchants Bank "lightning loan", have launched a similar online lending services.


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